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How to Maximise Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

Posted by Daniel Davie on 23 March 2022

We all know the expression, ‘first impressions count’. This is certainly the case at house viewings, and something we have witnessed over the years!

If you’re thinking of selling your home, we highly recommend raising its ‘kerb appeal’ (how attractive your house looks from the kerb) in order to increase your chances of selling. Here are some top tips to help get your property looking its best before it goes on the market:


1. Repaint the front door

You might not think it, but your front door is an extremely important part of your house – especially for prospective buyers. It’s the first door they’ll walk through, and it’s probably the point where they’ll decide whether they’re feeling positive about the viewing or not.

To make the best first impression, we recommend giving your door a fresh lick of paint in a classic colour that fits well with the rest of your home such as navy, pastel green or white.


2. Think about your outdoor lighting

Effective lighting can quickly boost your kerb appeal, and it doesn’t have to require much effort on your part. To help create a sense of warmth and welcome, consider adding low-level matching lights on either side of your front door. You could even put up some solar powered lights which don’t need to be wired up to the electrics.

Good lighting is also essential during the winter months – having good lighting during evening viewings will allow prospective buyers to see your home in all its glory.


3. Hide any bins

We recommend hiding away any bins if you can, even if it’s just during your viewings.

Wheelie bins (especially bright purple ones!) distract from the beauty of your property, so it’s always best to put them round the corner if possible. You could even create a separate storage unit for them.


4. Clean your windows

Before any prospective buyers visit your property, we recommend getting your windows (and possibly your window frames) cleaned. As well as letting more light in, clean windows will show the viewer that your property is well cared for.


5. Add some greenery

Create an inviting atmosphere by adding some potted plants to your front doorstep, placing a vase of flowers on your windowsill, or putting up a hanging basket – a pop of colour can really work wonders! As well as adding greenery, we also recommend removing any weeds, leaves or unruly grass.

Get in touch with Inskip & Davie

We hope these tips come in handy. Once you’re ready to kick-start the process of selling your home, Inskip & Davie are on hand to help.

With over 30 years’ experience successfully selling properties in Sandy and surrounding villages, we know exactly how to market your home and secure the best possible deal for you. If you’d like to find out more about our services, please contact Daniel or Ryan 01767 69-90-90


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